Ngiti ng Pag-asa

“Hindi sa mga ngiping mapuputi nanggagaling ang GANDA ng isang NGITI,

Ito ay sa SINSERIDAD ng taong sa atin ay BUMABATI.”

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Our smile is our strongest weapon. It sends positive message to many people and helps us to look good and be at our best. Sometimes we are often too withdrawn into ourselves or too irritable. Try and learn to smile and everything will be better.

Tara! NGITI tayo… 🙂

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Written by: Michelle Marie S. Luzana

Year 2010 was indeed a year full of abundant blessings for me. To name some of the major or greatest gifts I have received, please move on. It was early last year when I got my job which keeps my bank account revolving, of course. The first few shifts was one of the toughest days of my life that I learned to survive through HIS guidance. Little by little I was able to overcome the so called “adjustment period”. All the while I thought life will just keep getting better, not until one of the biggest challenge comes along our way. Yes, I have my career going but then my family was starting to fall apart. I thought I would give up but prayers can really move mountains. Inch by inch, harmony finds its way into our home. I don’t know if it is because of the impact that long awaited gift has brought into our family or its just because of the natural cause from my parents love for each other(I know there’s still some that is so powerful to bind them again.*wink*). And lastly, as what I always say to my friends and my family, I am so blessed to have my answered prayer.

A package deal sent from HEAVEN to be with me. Yes indeed, it was only a few months ago but the love in our hearts just keep on burning more and more. I wake up every morning realizing that I fall in love with him over and over. I know for sure that it is possible because our relationship rooted from something deeper, something unusual and something planned by destiny. It came in an unexpected time, place and situation. Something that I could not imagine I would go through and will survive. My God’s Greatest Gift, Christopher AKA “Topher/Kris/Topexpress” who inspires me to treasure my family more than anyone else, who taught me how to be a better person not just for me but for the benefit of other people as well. He made me do things that I did not know I could, he opens a lot of doors for me to appreciate myself worth a lot more.

I would say that with all those gifts, I could not ask for more in 2010. In return, I would want to offer my arms to those who are in need, my touch to those who are in pain, my smile to those who are suffering, my ears to those who needs a listener, my mind and my heart to those who needs understanding and my generous self to those who I love the most. I will never get tired of loving because I have faith that I am receiving more than what I have asked for and that I will continue to receive those from the people I love the most. As one of my favorite lines from a movie I recently seen, “I only ask for a bread and yet you gave me burger with fries in a combo meal.” What more could I ask for?!

Let me say this quick – I cannot ask for more for i got the best and i must say… Taragis! daig ko pa nanalo sa lotto – JACKPOT ako! yehhhbaahh! ^_^

                                                                                                                                                                                                      —- Topexpress