True Wedding Planner

Mga ka blogs! it’s been a while, been busy for an event of my life. 😀 Ang pagiging ISA! 😀 YES! I DO! ahehehehe akin nang tinutuldukan ang aking buhay binata at hinaharap ang buhay na kasama ang babaeng pinaka mamahal ko. si MICHELLE MARIE SALAZAR – LUZANA.

Some of you might not know our story (masyado kami kasi private!) lels! I supposed to post this entry before kaso sa sobrang busy nga(busy-busihan mode lagi) en besides, hindi ako nagsulat nito. Kaya di ko na kau bibitinin pa, have fun in reading. Ito ay entry ng aking butihing may bahay. 😀 naks! sarap naman!!!! ayieeeeee

This is how our STORY goes:

Four years ago, I planned my wedding with someone I thought I could love and spend the rest of my life with. Truthfully, God is so good for not letting me pursue with that plan. HE made life easier but things gets harder at the same time (magulo pero un talaga un! walang basagan ng trip!page ko toh!). In short, I broke up with that unworthy guy ( as I termed it according to my dictionary! wag ulit basag trip! ndi niya toh mababasa kasi ndi kami friends!). After him, I tried to open up my heart again, explored love and all the mystery that compromises with it. Luckily, I have found someone(“doki”), but not so lucky of having me because I’m not ready to give my whole heart to him yet. It seems like I’m still trying to mend my broken heart and soul. I have lost myself in love and tried putting it all back (hirap pala ng ganun!futek!).

As time passes by, I realized that loving with unfixed heart is much more difficult as compared to being alone. Knowing that someone is being “fooled”, making him believe that you love him as much as he does made me feel the guilt and its killing me. When I got the chance, I broke up with him believing that I don’t really love him that much. A month passed, its like nothing. Two months, still the same. But when I heard that he’s having a GF (amfuts!hindi man lang kasi humabol!kabud na lang nag let go!aruy!hmpf!). That’s the time I said to myself, OK I’m done. I will wait until my heart is whole again and then the next time I will be in a relationship I assure myself, that  person will be the one with whom I’m gonna spend the rest of my life. November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, finally, there he was.

During the first couple of month things are all well. I know he’s busy with a lot of things, but I understand that. All of a sudden, he came to me telling me that he’s not ready yet for any commitment. My heart was crushed once again!(Amfuts!halos kasing sakit nung unang break up namin ni unworthy guy na jowaerts ko ng almost five years!). No choice but to move on! Maybe that’s one thing I should be thankful for, they all taught me how to be strong and how to let go of the things which are not meant for me. Another way to say this is that, there is something or somebody who is much worth of my love, so why waste every single beat of my heart with jerks!(tumah?!bitterness!?jokesness!). I found a rebound after him(boss) who also helped me to move on, but yeah, rebounds are not healthy to anybody. Life during those times was in chaos(ang dami din kasing achuchuchu!). During those days, I felt like I am the weakest person. I gave up on that challenge right on the spot. (kavoom!lost ang beauty ng echuserang “frog prince”!). All the while, I thought I was still in love with “the boss”(cologne eto, HUGO BOSS), so I decided to try getting back to him when he started to communicate with me again. We went out together. Going back to the getting to know each other stage, exchanging text messages(ate high scholl ka ulit?!). He’s trying to set some ideas regarding proposal and weddings and talking about marriage and settling down (which I never heard from him before, ano nakain mo?!). As we went on, it made me realize that I could not see myself with this person at all. He’s not the one I wanted to share my everything with(nagdamot ang lola nio!).

Until one time, God sent me somebody whom I believe HE wanted me to grow old with. He does a lot of things that I also enjoys doing. He makes me laugh at his silliest jokes. I just loved being myself when I speak with him, whether its over the phone, chat boxes or even text messages. He opened up the world of love from fairy tales which felt like real (ay shrek d movie yata itow!). He really is my answered prayer. And I meant that, because he has everything that I have prayed for. The simplest things in the world that makes me really happy, the simplest uttered words that keeps my hEARt melting and fall in love with him all over again. Yes, we’re not together for long but who cares!I have faith that God has sent him to me to be my ….(uhm, wag na lang muna baka mausog pa!), the person I would always be comfortable being  me but won’t spoiled me, the person who will teach me new things but at the same time learn with me, that somebody who will grow with me in this relationship. The person who will be the first one to cry when I’m in pain but will truly do his best to comfort me and give me strength. Somebody who worries so much not hearing from me at all (oh diba ang sweeeeet!). A person NOT PERFECT but I know is REAL, a person who commits mistakes but not a coward to accept all its consequences. Things happen for a reason, and behind all this HE has a purpose. I have faith that HE wanted me to settle down with this IMPERFECT PERSON who LOVES ME PERFECTLY, so I rest my case and will let HIM be my WEDDING PLANNER. Thank YOU for sending me YOUR GREATEST GIFT in advance. (bongga ka LORD! major major! and I SUPER LURV ET!).


-thanks for droppin’ by folks!;)